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Tresses to Impress: Bridal Hair Advice for your big day!

In this guide, I'm excited to share my bridal hair advice to help you choose and prepare for the perfect hairstyle. From trials to hair care and style inspiration, let's explore the secrets to achieving the bridal hair that will make you feel like the radiant bride you've always dreamed of.

  1. Hair Trial: As a hairstylist, I recommend planning your wedding day hair trial 1-3 months in advance. This allows time for experimenting with different styles ensures we find the one that perfectly suits your wedding theme,dress & style.

  2. Healthy Hair: Wedding day hair starts with healthy hair. Consider regular trims, deep conditioning treatments, and minimize excessive heat styling in the months leading up to the wedding.

  3. Inspirations pictures: Inspo pics are always helpful to have an over all idea of what kind of style you are looking to do. When looking for pictures I highly suggest looking for photos of the same hair colour and length as you have. If you are brunette and look at blonde up do's - the over all look wont be the same as there is less dimension without highlights. As well as if you have short/fine hair, without the use of hair extensions etc you wonder necessarily be able to achieve full volume Hollywood waves.

  4. Hair Extensions: While these are in no way necessary for achieving your dream wedding hair I do recommend the use of hair extensions if you are looking to add thickness, volume or length to your hair.

  5. Come with clean hair: It's so important to come to your appointment with clean and dry hair. I always suggest washing hair the night before. This will help your chosen hairstyle stay in place all day.

  6. Communication: As you hairstylist I want you to look and feel your best! If something feels out of place, you don't love something or you prefer something different just let me know. At the end of the day my goal is to make sure you look and feel your best!

  7. Have Fun: Enjoy the process!!

Bridal Hair style

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